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A map of the Lake Winnipeg watershed

The Lake Winnipeg Watershed

These activities are best suited to the late elementary school to the early middle school levels. 

What is a watershed? It's an area that drains into a body of water. It could be a playground, your school parking lot, or a farmer's field. This video from Nutrien shows the size of our watershed and explains how and from where the water flows into Lake Winnipeg.

Quick Facts

  • The Lake Winnipeg watershed expands over four Canadian provinces and four American states
  • A whopping 7 million people live in Lake Winnipeg's watershed
  • The watershed spans almost 1,000,000 square...

A researcher aboard the Bradbury (now in the Selkirk Marine Museum) collects surface sediment samples from Lake Winnipeg using an instrument called a dredge, circa 1969.

Despite its ecological, cultural and economic importance, Lake Winnipeg is relatively under-studied compared to other bodies of water. Today’s scientists are working to change that.

Research on and around the lake is ongoing, and each new finding furthers our understanding of its unique physical, biological and chemical characteristics. Scientific research also helps us understand how nutrients such as phosphorus are affecting...

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