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A map of the Lake Winnipeg watershed

The Lake Winnipeg Watershed

These activities are best suited to the late elementary school to the early middle school levels. 

What is a watershed? It's an area that drains into a body of water. It could be a playground, your school parking lot, or a farmer's field. This video from Nutrien shows the size of our watershed and explains how and from where the water flows into Lake Winnipeg.

Quick Facts

  • The Lake Winnipeg watershed expands over four Canadian provinces and four American states
  • A whopping 7 million people live in Lake Winnipeg's watershed
  • The watershed spans almost 1,000,000 square...
Office closed until further notice.

The LWF office is closed until further notice to protect the health of our staff team, our volunteers and supporters, and our community. The best way to reach staff is by email but please note that our response time may be delayed.

Please direct all general inquires to info@lakewinnipegfoundation.org or 204-956-0436.

For more information, please read our COVID-19 statement.

Thank you for your patience,
The LWF team

Waves on Lake Winnipeg under a cloudy sky

The concerns about COVID-19 in Manitoba, and around the world, are growing. Our organization is committed to continuing our work to improve the health of Lake Winnipeg while ensuring the health, safety and well-being of our employees, volunteers, members, partners, and supporters. As an organization guided by science, we are monitoring current information and best practices. Recommendations from credible sources like the World Health Organization and local public health officials will guide our policies and actions relating to COVID-19.

For all of us, our best step forward is active risk...

a photo of the LWF communications director and the 2019 summer outreach coordinator

Update: application deadline extended

The arrival of COVID-19 in Manitoba has caused many changes to our daily lives. We want to ensure all potential applicants have the time they need to shift plans, make decisions, and prioritize actions that will help protect their health and the health of those around them.

For this reason, the deadline for applications for both positions has been extended until end of day, Friday, April 3.

Here are some other steps we are taking and/or considering with respect to our summer hiring process:

  • Interviews will be conducted online.
  • The start date of one or both...

Cancellation notice:

This event has been cancelled. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Join us for a town hall discussion at Kildonan United Church. This event is free and everyone is welcome to attend.

Date: Saturday, March 14, 2020
Time: 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Location: 187 Kilbride Avenue

Topics: North End Sewage Treatment Plant, the state of Lake Winnipeg and the impact on First Nations and surrounding communities.


  • Terry Duguid – MP, South Winnipeg
  • Alexis Kanu – Executive dierctor, Lake Winnipeg Foundation
  • Daniel Gladu Kanu – Director, Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective


Alexis Kanu presenting at the 2020 LWCBMN Gathering

The Lake Winnipeg Community-Based Monitoring Network (LWCBMN), coordinated by LWF, mobilizes citizens to collect water samples across Manitoba. With the help of watershed partners and the guidance of LWF science advisors, the network is identifying phosphorus hotspots – localized areas that contribute higher amounts of algae-causing phosphorus to local waterways than other areas.

In what has become an annual event, LWCBMN volunteers, partners and other supporters recently gathered at the University of Manitoba to connect with each other, learn about the results of the 2019 LWCBMN field season...

Waves rolling onto a sandy shore.

Update: The deadline for public feedback on the IJC’s proposed nutrient loading targets and concentration objectives has been extended until March 28, 2020.

The International Joint Commission (IJC) works to prevent and resolve transboundary water disputes, investigating issues and recommending solutions to the governments of Canada and the United States. Guided by the Boundary Waters Treaty, which was signed in 1909, it was established in recognition that each country is affected by the other’s actions in lake and river systems along the border.

The IJC is currently soliciting public feedback...

A photo of the North End Water Pollution Control Centre sign

A plan outlining next steps for both interim phosphorus reduction and full upgrades at Winnipeg’s North End sewage treatment plant was released today.

The plan was developed by a project steering committee for the North End Water Pollution Control Centre (NEWPCC), which includes representatives from both the city and the province.

The NEWPCC is the largest of Winnipeg’s three wastewater treatment facilities and the single largest point source of phosphorus to Lake Winnipeg. Excess amounts of phosphorus in freshwater ecosystems drive the growth of potentially toxic algae. Currently, the NEWPCC...

A close-up photograph of cattails in Netley-Libau Marsh

Did you know wetlands remove nutrients from runoff and help protect downstream waterways?

Since 1997, Feb. 2 has been observed as World Wetlands Day. Throughout the world, people are encouraged to raise awareness about the importance of wetlands and take action in their own communities to protect these special areas.

Take part in the conversation on social media with #WorldWetlandsDay

In December, shortly after shuffling his cabinet, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued mandate letters to all federal ministers. Continuing a practice started by Trudeau in 2015, these letters have been released publicly and are available on the Office of the Prime Minister’s website.

Mandate letters outline the Prime Minister's expectations for each minister, including specific policy objectives which each minister is expected to accomplish.

The health of Lake Winnipeg is both a national priority and a cross-cutting file. Achieving meaningful positive change will require attention and...


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